Peak Portfolio Program

Let's talk about Peak Portfolio

Introducing our new legal entity exclusively created for your portfolio loans.

Holding high LTV residential mortgage loans in portfolio without mortgage insurance (MI) requires you to reserve capital for each loan and leaves you open to credit risks. But when you add Enact MI to a portfolio loan, you and your borrower can benefit.

With Enact MI on your portfolio loans you could possibly realize capital relief, reduce your credit risk exposure, expand your higher LTV lending, and address unique borrower needs.

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Enact Peak Portfolio loans are underwritten by: Enact Mortgage Insurance Corporation of North Carolina (EMIC-NC). EMIC-NC is not a Government Sponsored Enterprise approved insurer. Loans underwritten by EMIC-NC are not currently eligible for sale to the GSEs.


Let's take a peek at Peak.

  • Loans insured by EMIC-NC are not currently eligible for sale to the GSEs
  • Expanded guidelines
  • Term-to-89 coverage
  • Easy set-up - less than a week 

Let's review ordering options.

  • Loan-level- Ordering is directed by you, on a loan level basis, through Enact MI's site or your Loan Origination System
  • Rules-based - Enact automatically directs loans to Peak based on loan attributes. You simply order MI as you do today.

It is our business to make it easier for you to manage and protect yours. With Peak Portfolio, we have the right you-centric solution to provide you with capital relief, reduce your risk exposure, and give you and your borrowers’ access to exclusive programs and services. All with the expertise, experience, and strength you expect from Enact Mortgage Insurance.  

Peak Portfolio Underwriting Guideline Manuals and Servicing Guides

Please visit our MI site to access our Standard Underwriting Guideline manual.
Please visit our MI Servicing site to access our Lender Servicing Guide.