MI solutions to navigate today's mortgage challenges.

We’re right where you need us as you face today’s challenging mortgage marketplace. Lean on us to help you find solutions for your borrowers by strategically leveraging the benefits of MI, even as interest rates increase and housing prices climb. At Enact, our competitive MI rates, broad underwriting guidelines, quick turn times, exclusive borrower products, plus a proactive support team are built with you in mind.

The MI rates you need 

Now more than ever, MI can open the door to homeownership for first-time and low-to-moderate-income homebuyers. Quote us online or through your mortgage pricing and origination system. And feel confident by knowing our competitive rates are backed by our Pricing Pledge, so you’re sure you’re getting our lowest rate.



Flexible payment options to customize for each borrower

A variety of  premium payment options help you open the door of homeownership for your borrowers.

Borrower-Paid Monthly (Deferred)
Provides a coverage term of one month with premiums paid monthly. 

Borrower-Paid Zero Monthly (Deferred)
Features monthly premium rates with no initial premium required to activate coverage. Best suited for interest rate sensitive borrowers and/or in markets with high appreciation.

Borrower-Paid Single Premium
A one-time premium payment providing coverage that remains in effect until cancelled (in accordance with federal and state cancellation laws or investor requirements). Best suited for use of available funds at closing; financed premium into the loan amount (offers lowest monthly payment); high credit score borrower, and/or lower LTVs.

Borrower-Paid Level Annual
Provides coverage term of twelve months, with premiums paid annually. This option features the same rate for both first year and at renewal. First year's premiums may be financed into the loan amount.

Borrower-Paid Split Premium
Combines lower monthly rates with an upfront premium due at closing. Best suited for use of available funds at closing; financing upfront premium into the loan amount; reduces DTI; lower monthly payments; and/or multiple upfront options that provide greatest flexibility.

Lender-Paid Mortgage Insurance
Allows the lender to pay the mortgage insurance premium instead of the borrower and can be a great choice for borrowers interested in a borrower-paid alternative.


Proactive help for first-time homebuyers

Visit the First-Time Homebuyer Hub on our blog for helpful FTHB resources to share with new borrowers. We'll help you better serve your FTHBs with resources that give them the knowledge they need about the mortgage process and insights on how they can responsibly achieve the dream of homeownership. Download and save these tips and resources to give to your prospective homebuyers. Available in English and Spanish. 


Training opportunities help you stay a step ahead

Mortgage industry and GSE updates. Home affordability solutions. Technical training and professional development. To sum it up, we’ll help provide you with the know-how you need to address today’s challenging mortgage marketplace. Add to your industry expertise, benefit your bottom line, and serve your customers even better through our training resources.



Responsiveness: When market conditions shift

Evolution is second nature to us, and as market conditions change, we respond by offering timely and relevant guidance to meet the challenge. Subscribe to our blog to stay ahead as our market shifts. You’ll find everything from up-to-the minute solutions for helping first time homebuyers to advice on streamlining your processes to work more efficiently.



Positive connections: Your support team

The biggest plus? It just might be your dedicated Enact team. Together with your Enact sales representative, our regional underwriters and the Enact ActionCenter teams are here to provide you with solutions and insights.


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